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“The Best-Laid Plans…”

January 1, 2003

Welcome to the all-new Wyndspirit Dreams! This year is going to be a mix of…well…whatever, as I indicated in the last essay of 2002. Today’s entry won’t be an inspirational essay, but simply rambling.

First, of course, there is the new look. I hope you like it. I wanted to combine pretty with ease of reading. (OK, I was bored to death with my blue-on-blue.) My archives will not be changed, however I have an ongoing project of adding navigation links to the early essays. At this point, my archives are still on my writing page, but eventually I plan to move my non-Wyndspirit Dreams essay links to another page.

Anyway, here’s what’s coming:

  • Navigation links added to archived essays.
  • Archives moved to their own page, rather than on my writing page.
  • A complete Bookwyrm website, with book reviews and a (finally) updated best books list, and, hopefully (let’s dream big here!) some other stuff as I think of it.
Yes, that’s right. Another website. I would like to do a lot of web design this year. I don’t know what I’ll actually have time to do, but we’ll see. I’m biting off quite a bit, but I do so want to share my love of writing and books!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

And, on that note, things very seldom go according to plan. Take my last essay, for example, and my prediction of our Christmas celebrations. Brenda did not come down on Christmas Eve—she had worked the night before and was too tired. In fact, she didn’t show up till evening of Christmas Day. We almost didn’t even open gifts on Christmas. It wasn’t a bad Christmas, just not what we had planned. And today (December 30) LeAnn called to say Duane’s National Guard unit has been activated, and they will not be able to come until he gets his call in the morning telling him if and when he is to be called up. Depending on how things go, they may not come out to the farm at all.

Life is unpredictable. Make plans, but be prepared to change them as needed. Be flexible. Very difficult for a stick-in-the-mud like me!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

And so we welcome a new year. What will it be like? I could have never in a million years predicted all the twists and turns my life took last year. I was thinking about the past year today, and I came to the realization that, of the noteworthy events in my life last year, all were good! I guess that’s about all one can ask for.

May God bless you all this coming year.