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Goals and Dreams

February 25, 2004

Once upon a time I thought I was finally getting it all together. It was November of 1998, and I was one semester away from graduating from college and rejoining the work force. But this time things would be different. This time I would have a degree that would allow me to get a job that paid a living wage, a job I could be proud of. Yep, things were going to be very different!

I decided it was time to start getting my life in order, start getting ready to rejoin the real world. I made some lists of goals—six month goals, five year goals, ten year goals, lifetime goals… 

I accomplished none of them.

I job hunted for three months, found a job not in my line of work, and moved across the state. Some of the short-term goals became irrelevant with my different situation, and the rest fell by the wayside as life took over and I had to concentrate on the short-term goal of just getting through each day.

Almost exactly two years later, November of 2000, I found my list of goals and decided to give it another try. I updated the six month goals that had become irrelevant, but nothing had changed for the other goals.

Recently, I found the list again. I still have accomplished none of the goals, short-term or long-term. I have accomplished a few other things, but none of the goals I had intended to accomplish.

And so I will update the short term list yet again, leaving the others because my dreams have never changed. Maybe this time I will finally accomplish at least some of the goals on the list. Hope springs eternal…