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Too Many Choices

September 24, 2003

As I was scooping litter boxes today, I was annoyed yet again that Wal-Mart hadn’t had the type of litter I preferred to use.

Not the brand. The type of brand. They only had the “immediate odor control” variety (with a strong scent), not the “long-lasting odor control.”

Choices. I can remember a day when I chose what brand of laundry detergent to use. That’s all. I knew any of the name brands was good, so my choice was limited to which name brand was on sale at the time. Simple, really.

Not anymore. When I go to buy laundry detergent, I start by choosing a brand. But then I have to choose from half a dozen different varieties. With bleach? With bleach alternative? Color-protecting? Fresh scent? Scent-free? Concentrated? Extra-strength? Hypoallergenic? Or take kitty litter. Clumping or regular? Immediate odor control or long-lasting odor control? What’s the difference? Or let’s take my favorite cheese snack crackers, which currently come in about five different varieties of cheese. I just want cheese crackers—but I have to choose between cheddar, Monterey Jack, spicy, light…

Sometimes choices are good. I patronize the big-name chain bookstores because they have a better selection than the little independent stores. But sometimes one has to wonder if things aren’t getting a bit out of hand. I mean, how many varieties of one brand of detergent do you need? Or how many different flavors of cheese crackers?

Aha… I think I’ve figured it out. How do you know which one you like best—if you don’t try them all? Hmm… I’m running out of storage space. I need to get myself some more shelving. Metal or plastic? Black or white or gray? Solid or mesh?