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Why Isn’t It All About You if it Really Is All About You?

February 26, 2007

“Is Acne Ruining Your Life?” The subject blared at me from my e-mail inbox. I don’t know why that particular subject caught my attention—maybe because it was more tame than most of the spam I get, and even comprehensible. I chuckled and deleted it, but then I started thinking.

Sure, we all know that every teenager in the world is sure that acne is going to ruin their life. And they’ll just die if that certain boy doesn’t like them or if somebody makes fun of what they’re wearing. It’s all about them—that’s just part of being a teenager.

Unfortunately, it seems like these days that attitude doesn’t end once a person grows up and supposedly enters the “real world.” Society insists you must look out for Number One at any cost, and heaven forbid you let somebody take advantage of you! You’re worth it, you know… You deserve the best, you deserve to get top treatment! Because it’s all about you, after all.

But, on the other hand, there seems to be no such thing as being at fault or taking responsibility for your actions. If you get caught for speeding, well, everybody knows the cops are out there trying to meet a “quota.” If your car breaks down, the dealership sold you a lemon, and you really ought to consider suing them. If you don’t get a promotion or even a job, it’s because the Powers That Be have it in for you. If people don’t seem to like you, well, it must be their problem, not yours.

Hello? You can’t have it both ways! If it really is all about you, then guess who’s responsible for you? You got it—you are! If you really are the most important person in the universe, then, guess what? There’s nobody else to blame! And there’s nobody else to fix things for you, either. Nobody else is capable. There’s only you.

If it’s all about you, then get off your duff and deal with the real world. If it isn’t, then stop thinking the world should revolve around you and start helping other people to deal with their worlds. In either case, stop whining about it!