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The Beauty of an April Snow

April 2, 2007

I seem to have the misfortune to have something that requires me to be on the road almost every single time we have nasty weather. I had a meeting this evening, so when they predicted a snowstorm, I knew it would be a good one.

It was just starting to snow seriously when I left my house. The meeting ended around 8 p.m., and when I got outside, I had to scrape my car windows. Scraping car windows in April is just wrong, but I bowed to the inevitable. It was still snowing heavily, but the roads didn’t seem to be too bad, so I decided to run an errand while I was in town.

By the time I got out of the store, things had gone downhill fast. My less than optimal windshield wipers were iced over, and no matter how hard I tried to work all the ice off the blades, the one on the driver’s side would not clear the entire windshield. I spun at the first stop sign. I had another errand to do, but by then I decided it would be best to just get home. The wet snow was sticking to the roads, so, more often than not, I couldn’t see the lines, and it was tricky to figure out which white area was my side of the road and which was ditch. And then I almost lost it on a curve… I managed to crawl home without incident, and gratefully parked my car and dashed through the soggy snow to the house.

So, you ask, where is the beauty?

It’s April. It’s going to melt fast. I don’t have to shovel!