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May 14, 2003

The "If..." Project: January 2001 (Archive)

If you were to dedicate your life to a single cause, what would it be? Which crusade could you feel passionate enough about to want your voice heard, your actions recognized?

I would push the benefits of spaying and neutering. Last year was a landmark year, as Mom and I convinced Dad to consent to allow us to have two of the farm kittens spayed. Within a year, the money saved from the food that the kittens they did not produce did not consume will have paid for both surgeries. They are farm cats, with all the risks that entails, but if they live for just one year they will have “broken even”—and that’s not even counting the cost of the food that kittens that they didn’t have would have consumed. But Dad can’t see that. All he knows is that we spent $60 apiece on the cats. There is another crop of kittens this summer, and he won’t allow us to have them spayed. Next spring they will be having kittens.

Years ago my friend and I were showing household pet kittens at cat shows. When my friend got one of her kittens from a free ad, the owner happily admitted that she bred her cat to different toms just to see what kind of kittens she would have. The irresponsibility of some people is mind boggling!

I would also, if I had the funds, establish a free “retirement home” for cats whose owners have passed away, but who were unsuitable to place in new homes. I can’t imagine not having one or more cats at any point in my life, but sometimes I wonder what would happen to my cats if I died. My family would probably end up bringing them to the Humane Society or having them put to sleep.

Perhaps I should dedicate myself to ending world hunger or child abuse, but there are others who are called to do that. People are much better able to comprehend the hardships of other people than of mute animals. I need to speak for the animals.