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Happy Mother's Day!

May 7, 2003

My Mom Can Do Anything

Who makes over the hand-me-down clothes,
Adding custom touches as she sews,
And fixes jeans with patch upon patch,
And bakes the world’s best bread from scratch?

Who can sew quilts, weave rugs, and more,
Build cupboards from scraps, and refinish a floor?
Who patiently gardens and thinks canning is fun
Despite battling weeds in the hot summer sun?

Whose typewriter tapping brightens the day
As she keeps touch with loved ones far away?
Who writes poems about rats because they’re neat,
With their clever gymnastics and agile feet?

Who plants my flowers and cleans my yard
And doesn’t think raking leaves is so hard?
Who fixes my steps and puts hooks in my wall,
And comes to my rescue whenever I call?

One thing’s for certain, there’s no one like you;
I’m afraid a lame poem is the best I can do
To try to say thanks for all that you are—
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, you’re the family star!

B.J. 5/6/03