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March 26, 2003

The “If…” Project: December 2000 (Archive)

If you were able to lend one of your five senses to a person born without, which one would you give? What would you forgo so another could experience?

The operative word here is lend. I am selfish. I could not give up any of my senses permanently. But I would be willing to share. I could go without one of my senses for awhile in order to allow somebody else to experience them for the first time.

I think it would be the absolute worst to be born blind. If you become blind later in life, you at least have memories. True, you would know what you were missing that way, but I think it would still be easier to deal with. So I would offer to lend a blind person my sight. They could see their loved ones. They could discover how tall a tree really is. They could know what the color red looks like. 

And what would I be doing while this person was using my sight? Learning to use and appreciate my other senses. Learning to trust a guiding hand. Learning what life is like for a person with a disability. 

Then the time would be up and I would have my sight back, and the other person would be blind again, but both of us would be changed. And for the better, I think.